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Our Story

We are Kyle and Danielle and we own and operate Wild Side Coffee. We are a micro coffee roastery based in the Manawatu who strive to provide excellent quality coffee that is ethically and sustainably sourced.

The idea for Wild Side Coffee was born when traveling through Kenya. Every morning we would wake up at the crack of dawn and make a fresh pot of coffee that we would take with us to a watering hole or elevated outcrop. While watching the sun rise, we would watch the wild wake up. Big cats strolling around, eagles swooping down to the lake, performing their morning fish and Hippos heading back to the river before its gets too hot. Enjoying a cup of coffee while experiencing all of this gave rise to an idea. How can we get others to experience a part of this (At least the coffee part). So Wild Side Coffee was born.

Like many people who start a hobby, we began our coffee roasting journey in our shed.  Our weekend hobby turned into a pursuit of bringing quality roasted coffee to our local community. In the early days we also wanted to understand how coffee was produced and learn about the many hands that went into the simple cup of coffee we would regularly drink on our way to work. Throughout our journey we have learnt that coffee is undeniably linked to community.

Coffee back in the day was an incredible soberer. Often breakfast was consumed with a pint of beer because the water was too gnarly to drink. I'm sure like today many people used coffee as a pick me up. Coffee has changed since then but is still inextricably linked to community and getting together with people to "shoot the breeze".

Coffee is a huge part of our lives, here at Wild Side Coffee, so we take extreme care to ensure that our coffee, even though possessing a sobering quality is roasted in order to bring out the best characteristics from where it originated.

Our mission is to bring you amazing tasting coffee that is sourced ethically and sustainably. Our major supplier of green coffee is First Crop Coffee Importers, and our partnership with them helps support their social initiatives in Africa and South America helping to improve the lives of the people living in those communities.


So, our coffee is basically really, really, really good.

- Kyle and Danielle


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