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At Wild Side coffee we have made it our mission to help others. We do this by making sure that we buy coffee that has been ethically sourced. In this way we ensure that the people that are involved in the growing of our coffee are able to flourish in their communities. 

We also want to give back in some way right here in Aotearoa. The charities that we have chosen to support are really close to our hearts. They are:

  • Little Miracles Trust - This foundation helps support whānau who have premature babies and babies that are born with certain conditions that require care from the neonatal care unit and the special baby care unit. 
  • Endometriosis New Zealand - an estimated 120,000 women are affected by this condition in New Zealand. This can lead to severe pain and sometimes infertility. NZendo help by providing support, information and advice on wellbeing for those individuals affected with endometriosis. 
  • Child Cancer Foundation NZ - Every week, three families are told that their child has cancer. This foundation helps families through these incredibly hard times by providing support in the following areas; social connection, emotional well-being, practical support, building resilience and moving forward.

How it Works

There is no obligation for you as the purchaser to do anything more than buy your coffee. When you purchase from our selected range, Wild Side Coffee will donate a portion of the money made from that coffee to 1 of the 3 charities listed above. We will donate $1 for every 250g bag bought. Ie: If you buy 250g we will donate $1, 500g bag we will donate $2, and 1kg bag we will donate $4. You simply choose which charity you would like a portion of the purchase price to go towards. 

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